Membership Benefits

“It was wonderful talking to you! Just those few minutes made me feel a lot less stressed and rejuvenated”
  • Expectant and New Parents Support: Join us for our regular FHM Brunches and Coffee Hours that discuss pregnancy with multiples and the first year of caring for your babies. You will also learn about area resources, ask questions and share experiences. Support offers the loaning of a nursing pillow, receiving of a meal after you give birth, and matching you with a mentor. If you need it, Support also offers bed rest and NICU support, and the loaning of preemie clothing.
  • Member Connections: Being a part of FHM is also about having FUN. We offer a number of activities to keep everyone in the family entertained from our parties to meet-ups and Mom’s Night Out (MNO). Member connections give us a chance to make new friends and catch up with old ones.
  • Online Community: Cannot get out of the house, need some quick advice, want to organize a playdate? Look no further. Our online communities on BigTent and Facebook allow all FHM members to ask and answer all sorts of questions or refer you to someone who can. You will also find resource files and a BigTent and Facebook classifieds page.
  • Speaker Meetings: These meetings are an instructive and fun night for all members of FHM. Meeting topics have included Love and Intimacy after kids, Happy Mindful Parenting, reSPACEd Professional Organizer, Guiding our Girls and Raising Boys.
  • Outreach Program: Be a part of helping your community. Many of our events and activities throughout the year benefit the FHM outreach program which assists members that need additional support. We collect diapers, clothing, and equipment for families which help our families throughout the year. Outreach also hosts a holiday giving tree for member families.