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We welcome any Oregon and SW Washington family who is expecting multiples or has two or more children born within six months of each other. Learn more about our member benefits. Here is the breakdown of our annual dues:

  • General Membership: $40
  • Legacy Membership(multiples age 4 and over): $20
  • Member Plus (General membership plus sponsorship of one scholarship membership): $50
  • Scholarship Age 0-1 (for families experiencing financial hardship): $10
  • Scholarship Age 2-18 (for families experiencing financial hardship): $20

We also have a satellite membership for members who leave the area, if you are interested in learning more about this, email To renew your membership, please log in to BigTent.

Because we are an all-volunteer run organization, we ask that each family volunteer at least two hours per membership year. There are a variety of volunteer opportunities from making meals for new families to hosting a new parent brunch. Most members find they volunteer far more than two hours because they enjoy the friendships they make.

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