Resale FAQs

Consignment Sale FAQs

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When are the Fall FHM Consignment Sale shopping hours?

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018, from 10:00am – 4:00pm at Taborspace in SE Portland. (Members only from 10:00 – 11:00am)

Why the change in format for the sale this fall?

We are trying out a “vendor” style shopping experience, with members having first priority for “booths” to sell their items. This new format will take up a Saturday in September for any and all of those participating. This has been a huge member benefit over the years, and a great way to get clothing for your next size or gently used items. We hope you will come and shop even if you are unable to sell this year. Success of this event will determine future resales. Mark your calendar from 10-4pm at Taborspace September 22nd, to shop the FHM Vendor Resale.

What can I sell?

You CAN sell:

  • Gently used children’s gear, furniture, toys, and clothing.
  • Gently used maternity clothing.

You CANNOT sell:

  • Items that have been recalled—for example, any drop-side crib. Go to to determine if an item has been recalled.
  • Heavily stained, outdated, or extremely worn clothing.
  • Car Seats.

Can I invite my friends to the sale?

Yes, please spread the word. We may not be able to handle the full traffic of the regular resale, but are hoping to spread the word and get people there to shop early.

How much money will I earn?

After purchasing your space for $25 and an optional $5 to $8 for tables, you will make 100% of your earnings. Because you will make 100% of your earnings, we suggest you pass along great deals to your fellow twin parents.

How will I accept payment for items?

We recommend cash sales, but also think an alternative method of payment might be helpful to shoppers especially if you are selling larger items. Consider using paypal, Square, Venmo or another collection method. We will advertise for people to bring cash as many will only have a cash option. You will be responsible for adding up items and charging appropriately.

Can I share a booth with another member or a friend?

You may share the space with another member or friend as long as you stay within the space provided. You will need to work out payment options and simplify as much as possible for shoppers.

Can I purchase a rack to hang my clothes on at the sale?

There are no racks available for purchase at the event. You will need to bring your own if you plan to hang items. has inexpensive racks for around $15 or consider asking one of your friends if they have one available (many home party clothing sales may have racks you can borrow.) Remember only 1-2 racks would likely fit into your space.

Will FHM have the ability to make change on the day of the event?

As this event is being run by a small number of members, we are unable to make change. Please be prepared to have change available or barter with a fellow MoM near you.

What if I want to consign but can’t volunteer?

With the new format of the sale, you won’t need to volunteer for the organization but you will need to have someone available at your space to sell your items. You can bring a friend if you want to shop as well.

How much does it cost to participate in the consignment sale?

To participate in the consignment sale, you pay a $25 space fee (approx. 7×10 feet) up front. You will collect all funds directly from shoppers and keep 100% of profits. Space fees are non-refundable but are transferable. We will keep a waiting list should that be needed. If there are spots available, you may be able to purchase 2 spaces, but are asking you limit to 1 at the initial registration time.

Can I transfer items to/from another consignment sale without having to retag?

We will be doing a vendor style sale, so you can use tags that were previously on your clothing if you wish or may adjust pricing as needed. There will be no tagging requirement, but we suggest you have your items clearly marked. You can make simple tags if you would like.

How do I register for the sale?

Register Here

Please reserve your space and paypal within 48 hours to If you have questions about registration, email us at Space is $25 and tables are limited and $5-$8. You can bring your own table to save this table fee.

How should I price my items?

Since you will be doing the collecting and adding of items, we suggest rounding to nearest dollar, but you can do increments as well.

Price your items at a minimum of $1.00 and upwards, in 50¢ increments. While there is no guarantee that an item will sell, most consignors use the following guidelines:

Clothing: As a general guideline, price used clothing at about 25% of the original retail price. Name brands sell for more than store and discount brands. You might price barely worn items higher than this guideline and items you want to sell quickly lower than this guideline.

Equipment: Equipment typically sells for up to 50% of the retail price; however, the price is affected by the item’s condition, brand, and demand. Check Craigslist to see what price other people have set for the same equipment.

How should I prepare clothing, shoes, and accessories?

You can organize your space as you like. We suggest separating by sizes, and attaching shoes together.

How do I attach tags to clothing on hangers?

tag Tagging guns are preferred, but using safety pins to attach tags is fine as long as they are used on the tag or in the seam of the item. Tag an area of the clothing least likely to show holes, such as the label at the back of the neck or seam under the arm.

Where can I get a tagging gun and hangers?

While tagging isn’t required, this will make it easier on your shoppers. You can purchase inexpensive tagging guns at Portland Store Fixtures at 110 SE Main ( or Grand and Benedicts at 301 NE 2nd Ave. ( You can often get free children’s hangers from Old Navy and other children’s clothing stores. Call ahead before you go, however, as not all stores give out free hangers. You can also purchase inexpensive hangers from the Dollar Store and Target.

How should I prepare my toys, furniture, and gear for the sale?

Make sure that all items are clean and in very good condition, with no significant missing parts. You must install working batteries in all items that require batteries so that buyers can test the products. You can find inexpensive batteries at stores like Dollar Tree and IKEA.

What is the check-in process?

There will be a map sent in advance indicating your space location at the sale. Please arrive by 9am for set up between 9 and 10am Sale begins at 10am and will last until 4pm.

What happens if an item doesn’t sell?

You will be responsible to pack up and transport your items between 4 and 5pm on September 22nd following the sale.

What are the hours of the consignment sale?

Check-in and Set Up:  Saturday, September 22, 2018 9am – 10am
Member Only Sale:  Saturday, September 22, 2018 10am – 11an
Friends and Family/Public Sale:  Saturday, September 22, 2018 11am – 4pm
Teardown/End of Sale:  Saturday, September 22, 2018 4pm – 5pm
Donation Dash/Outreach Events:  TBD