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Being a mom of twins is not only hard emotionally but is hard on our bodies too!  I wanted a baby so badly and didn’t care at what cost to my body, but I never ever expected twins and of course never imagined I would gain 75lbs on my small frame.

I was 125  and 5’6″ when I got pregnant and when I went in to deliver the babies I was 199lbs. I couldn’t believe it.  (Ok, maybe I could a little bit). After all, I did live on milkshakes and Bento for about 6 months.  I knew during my pregnancy that I wanted to get back to a good weight so I would feel good again and be able to be active with my kids.  I really put the thought of losing the weight and getting on a good eating track behind me those first six sleepless months.  Also, since I was breastfeeding, I didn’t want to put my milk supply at risk.  Once I was finished breastfeeding, I decided it was time to get to work on losing those extra pounds.  
I had purchased a WII fit when I was pregnant to exercise and have always been great about going on walks and eating relatively healthy, but when I started to try to lose the weight on my own, it was so hard!  I had two babies to take care of and let’s all admit it, it’s easier to eat chips and something else unhealthy while you’re making lunch for your kids.  This continued for about a month until I was fed up.  My sister in law had just completed this great program and she was able to lose the weight so quickly and easily while also managing two young children.  In addition to that, her mom had also been losing weight.  I just had to get in on this.  
My husband (who gained sympathy weight with me) got on the bandwagon and got started too.  We ordered our food, materials and took advantage of the free health coaching available. Within 6 weeks, I had lost 30lbs, my husband was down 35.  I felt amazing! 

Jeff is my brother in law and is from Bend. He lost his first 60 lbs in 60 days on the program and has lost more since! He’s now a Health Coach as well and paying it forward.
It was so easy and surprisingly good.  Now, I have to admit, eating delicious ice cream and french fries do taste better, but they sure didn’t make me feel better physically or emotionally.  What I love about this program is the food is all meal replacements and you learn to prepare your own dinners using lean meats and green sides.  I could prepare dinner for my husband and myself in less than 10 minutes and feel good about what I was eating. Additionally, when you’re on program you’re never hungry.  You get to eat every two hours so you don’t ever feel deprived.  
I am now back to my 125lbs and feel better than ever!  I actually did a little dance at Macy’s last week when I fit into a size 4! 🙂 
The Take Shape For Life program is backed by John Hopkins University and is truly a game changer for me and for many of my clients I work with. We’ve finally found a way to safely lose weight and get onto a healthy life.  Using the meal replacements is just the first phase of the program to Optimal Health.  We as health Coaches also teach you how to eat the right foods at the right time and maintain your weight loss goals. We include exercise into your health regimen and tailor it into your lifestyle and health status.
I can’t say enough about how many people this program has changed.  My kids are now 2.5 and I still use the supplements during the day to assure that I am getting a good healthy snack that gives my body all the nutrients I need.  
I would love to see if I can help you so feel free to check out my website and give me a call or shoot me an email.  I would be willing to put on an informational 30 minute meeting one evening to our group if I have enough people interested in the program. Also, if there are any family or friends that you think I can help, please pass on my information.  There’s also a referral credit! Here’s to a happy and healthy life!  
Jessica Hall
Health Coach
Take Shape For Life
Jenn is from Vancouver, she lost 200lbs on our program and was featured in “O” Magazine for her incredible weight loss.

Ashley lost 70 lbs on the program in less than a year and has changed her life!